Chaitanya Institute For Mental Health


Chaitanya Institute For Mental Health is a Institute established for Psychosocial Rehabilitation of the chronically Mentally ill and the Substance dependence cases. The concept of Chaitanya is known as Halfway Home wherein the patients are known as Residents and stay in a group with Supervision, Support and Care from the Professionals.

The admissions are accepted for Residential care treatment on the basis of referrals and recommendations of the treating Psychiatrist with the consent of the family or caregiver. Application for the admission should be made in a Prescribed form (available in the centre) along with:-
to bring:

  1. The Reference letter from the treating Psychiatrist,
  2. All the past treatment records and prescriptions,
  3. 2 phopos of the Patient and Photo Identity and address proof of the patient and the Guardian,
  4. Bring necessary cloths and other belongings,
  5. to do:
  6. Complete all the file formalities with proper information,
  7. Provide detailed Case History of the patient and other information,
  8. Physical fitness from our House Physician (If the patient is having any physical problem).
  9. After a trial stay of two weeks, if the person is found suitable to avail the Rehabilitation
  10. facilities at this centre, he will be admitted accordingly.

Various types of Accommodation are available – each floor is considered as a House, wherein 25-30 residents stay together. Each house has an adequate number of Counselors, Nurses and other supporting Staffs to supervise and support. There are different types of Accommodations like Four sharing rooms, Three sharing rooms, Two sharing rooms, Single room and Single room with A/C to suit the requirements of every client. For more details please see facilities.

Initially, the patient will get admitted to the Observation Ward and he/she has to stay there till the acute symptoms get settled. This will help them, to understand the nature of treatment and develop motivation to follow the treatment. Counselors and other Professionals develop a working relationship with the client during this phase and motivate them to get in to the structured daily schedule and the other necessary treatment lines. Once they are settled, the patient will be shifted to other houses where manageable residents are availing the Rehabilitation Programme.

    The criteria for accommodation is:
  • Severity of the illness/disturbances
  • Age

A Refundable Deposit of Rs. 30,000/-; for single rooms one month fee will be the Refund Deposit (which will be settled during the time of discharge)
Admission fee of Rs. 2000/- (non-refundable)
Monthly fee depends on the bed chosen, need to contact respective branches.
Charges will be extra for special care taker.

  • The monthly fees include food, accommodation and all the psychosocial interventions.
  • The personal expenses: medication, psychiatric consultation, lab tests, psychological assessment tests, nursing charges, outside consultations/hospitalizations (if any), washing charges, toiletries, any extra food items from outside the centre on request of the family, etc. would be charged extra.

It depends on the number of medicines they take, consultations and other personal expenses mentioned above. It varies from place-to-place and centre-to-centre. So to get an aproximate, please contact respective branches where you seek admission.

Chaitanya is a very secure place with adequate personnel on duty, round the clock. Security is very high all the time.

Visitors are allowed on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays between 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Minimum, once a month. Visitation depends on the condition of the patient, if the resident gets disturbed with the frequent visits of the family, it should be restrained to the minimum.

This depends purely on the improvement of the Resident. It is a collective decision taken by the Resident, treating Professionals and the Family. It requires having Regular & Continuous Follow up Consultations, Medicines and Counseling.

Yes. We do give Regular Feedback to the referring Doctor. The treating Psychiatrist at Chaitanya will make whatever medication-changes required from time to time, based on improvement, deterioration, side effects etc.

For any clarification:- Contact Mr. Rony George ( 09822308491, 09823435045)
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