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Short Film

Watch 5 minutes Version of the Short Film –



cd‘The Pages of Life’ – 15 minutes Short Film on family’s role in Mental Health/illness, produced by Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre has been awarded Best Short Film in FRAME OF MIND 2010 organized by Schizophrenia Reasearch Foundation (SCARF) Chennai on 3rd October.

It’s a simple movie about a family with their daughter suffering from mental illness (Paranoid Schizophrenia). It conveys the struggle, bold decisions, determination of the family in taking care of their dear one.



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1. Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre have published some educative publications1. ‘DEMENTIA and ALZHEIMER’S ’- A guide to Dementia and Care Giving.
(in English and Marati)

2.‘VYSANACHA VILAKHA’- A handbook on Substance Dependence (Addiction) and treatment.
(in Marati)

3.‘A RETREAT BEFORE THE DOOM’- A handbook on Substance Dependence (Addiction) and treatment.
(in English)

4. ‘ABODE OF WISDOM’- Hand Book on Mental Health. This book is mainly about Mental Health matters and is about ways and means to identify, control and solve problems accruing from mental illnesses.
(in English)

5. Reminiscence – A hand book on Dementia & care giving (English). Ed. Anto Augustine Pithruchaya Geriatric & dementia care unit. Chaitanya MHCC.