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Living Facilities

24 hours residential care is provided for both Short and Long term, Care Treatment. There are Separate blocks of Accommodation for males and females. Various kinds of accommodation is available, depending upon the patient’s Psychological/ Physical condition and Choice of the patient/ family – like Single bedrooms, two, three, four bedded rooms and multiple occupancy Dormitories. Rooms are spacious, well ventilated and bright. Generator Power Supply is available round the clock in case of emergencies of power failures; toilet and bathroom facilities with 24 hours water supply are provided. Recreational facilities like news papers, magazines and televisions are supplied proportionately in each House. Single rooms are furnished with extra large sized beds, a cupboard, set of chairs with a centre table, a T.V with cable connection, etc. Air conditioning can also be provided on request from the family. The clean and well equipped kitchen and beautifully arranged dining halls have been set up to provide the residents with timely food and refreshments. Laundry facility is available for those who are not able to wash clothes on their own.